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Research Projects

Dissecting the immune microenvironment of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.


In this project, we utilize advanced bioinformatic algorithms to identify immune cells and their activation states in sporadic and VHL-related tumors, based on their transcriptome and methylome profiling.

This project is supported by the VHL Alliance.

Adiel performing deconvolution analysis of VHL methylation data
Sapir - inspecting novel models for neuroendocrine tumors

Investigating the oncogenic drive of onco-metabolites in VHL-related endocrine tumors.


To identify the tumorigenic mechanism of VHL-related pancreatic tumors, we screened for onco-metabolites using metabolomics techniques. Our initial studies identified novel metabolites that can be targeted using clinically available drugs. 

We currently test our findings on tumor samples and planning advanced in vitro and pre-clinical studies in the near future. 

Developing targeted interventions against sporadic neuroendocrine neoplasms based on genetic alterations. 


Previous genetic studies of our team identified repeating genetic and epigenetic alterations in sporadic neuroendocrine tumors.


In this project, we study these variants in vitro and test specific medical interventions, aiming to provide personalized care for our patients. 

Liav performs genetic manipulation or NET cell lines
Alona extrating DNA from patients samples for advanced genomic studies

DNA sequencing for patients at high risk for hereditary syndromes.

Our lab performs short variant sequencing, as well as whole-exome sequencing, for patients suspected to have familial disease. These may have a strong family history of endocrine tumors, additional unique manifestations, or developed with endocrine tumors at a young age.

This investigation is performed after a thorough clinical assessment and with close cooperation between the clinical and scientific team components.

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