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Meet the team

Team leaders

Amit Tirosh, M.D.
Head, Neuroendocrine Tumors Clinic & Endocrine Cancer Genomics Lab

Amit Tirosh, MD | Director, ENTIRE Center

Prof. Tirosh specialized in hereditary endocrine cancer and cancer bioinformatics at the National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, Maryland). His works on endocrine cancer genomics were published in the highest-tier journals. Dr. Tirosh has an exceptional reputation in hereditary endocrine cancer syndromes, is regularly invited to speak at international conferences, and has been awarded grants in Europe and the U.S., including the prestigious VHL Alliance research grant (2021). Dr. Tirosh is an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University and a Member, of the International Clinical Council, VHL Alliance, Boston, MA

Liat Arnon, M.Sc.

Clinical Case Manager

Liat Arnon, MSc | Clinical Case Manager, ENTIRE Center

Ms. Arnon graduated M.Sc. in Biology at the Bar-llan University in 2015 and gained clinical research experience as a research assistant in the Gertner Institute of Epidemiology (2015-2018). Ms. Arnon joined the ENTIRE Center in 2019, serving as a Clinical Case Manager and the point-of-contact of the VHL Clinical Care Center. Together with Dr. Tirosh, Liat established our collaborative clinics and the advanced radionuclide therapeutic service (PRRT) at Sheba MC. With all these on her shoulders, Ms. Arnon is an integral part of the research activities at ENTIRE.


Reut Halperin, M.D. Ph.D. 
Senior Clinical Associate

Reut Halperin, MD PhD | Senior Clinical Associate

Dana Laks, B.Sc. 
Clinical dietitian

דנה לקס.jpg

Dr. Halperin is a senior physician in Internal Medicine department D and a Fellow in Endocrinology at Sheba Medical Center. She has a Ph.D. in Zoology at Tel Aviv University at the Eilam laboratory in Exploratory behavior and formation of a cognitive map.

Dr. Halperin is  a fellow in Endocrinology, with a special interest in neuroendocrine tumors and the genetic background of endocrine disorders and syndromes. She is fascinated by the covert mechanisms leading to the development of such conditions and believe that uncovering them will lead to better understanding and treatment options. Her current research focuses on pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.

Mrs. Laks is a clinical dietitian, graduated B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Nutrition Science at the Ariel University in 2019.

Mrs. Laks gained clinical experience as gastro nutritionist at Rabin MC and experienced as endocrinology and also bariatric nutritionist at Sheba MC. As part of experience and work, she joined the ENTIRE Center at Sheba MC in 2022, serving as a Clinical Dietitian.

Her roll includes the management of medical-related symptoms or conditions, assisting patients deal with nutritional difficulties or use dietary changes to deal with symptoms of the disease or treatment.

Omer Shaked, MA, MSW, Ph.D.

Mr. Shaked is a leading expert in the management of medical-related social and psychological challenges. With his warm, humane, sensitive, and compassionate approach he is assisting our patients to overcome the daily challenges. Omer serves as a Lecturer at the Social Work Central School of the Ministry of Social Services and at Bar-Ilan University.


Liav Sela, B.Med.

Liav Sela, BMed | Student, ENTIRE Center

Liav is a 3rd-year medical student at Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. Liav starts his 2nd year as an Arrow Project student at our lab. In his project, Liav studies the impact of recurrent, but yet unstudied, somatic mutations in NET, on the tumor neoplastic potential. As part of his internship at the Arow project, Liav mentors a high-school student at our lab.

Former members

Alona Telerman, Ph.D. 
Senior Research Associate (former)

Alona Telerman, PhD | Senior Research Associate, ENTIRE Center

Adiel Chmelnik, B.Sc.

M.Sc. Student (former)

Adiel Chmelnik, BSc | MSc Student, ENTIRE Center

Sapir Nasirov, B.Sc.
Scientific Coordinator (former)

Sapir Nasirov | Scientific Coordinator, ENTIRE Center
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